Photive CYREN Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

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CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - portable bluetooth wireless speaker

CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The short version of this review is: I love this portable Bluetooth wireless speaker and you should add it to your shopping cart and buy it now! If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth wireless speaker for on the go or smaller room then this speaker is for you.

Photive CYREN Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a great choice for a first Bluetooth speaker.

The long version goes like this: After I got my Photive speaker; I took it, my iPhone and my tablet out to see of the other reviewers were accurate or just blowing smoke up my wallet. They weren’t blowing smoke.

I charged the battery overnight and then started it up a little after eight in the morning. During the day, I had to turn it off to take calls or do other work several times. This was probably about an hour and a half when you add it up. The battery finally died just before 7 o’clock that evening. That means I got roughly nine and a half hours on a single charge. Oh, that warning the description says you get before it runs out of power chimed right in as advertised. I later plugged in the rechargeable battery for two hours, unplugged it and my iPhone app showed that I had a 90 percent charge already. Not bad!

CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Box Open - portable bluetooth wireless speaker

What you get in the box of a CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

That whole bit about using this wireless speaker to take calls? It works. Disengaging the music list was a little difficult the first time, but then again I still type using two fingers. I could easily lower or raise the volume and change songs using my phone and while I didn’t use a tape measure to check for 33 feet exactly, I was able to make changes from the other side of my apartment and through two doors. My new Bluetooth Photive speaker also paired easily with my phone and my tablet.

The size of my new speaker is great for a crowded bookcase or just about anywhere else. I turned it on its side, put it on the back of the bottom shelf and it played just fine; the two 40 MM drivers work just like advertised. The sound was very clear and it played everything from speed metal to jazz to orchestra music with the same quality.

While I had it out and running around with me, I could easily hear it through my bag. Even in the bag, it was easy to change the music or just the volume with my phone or my tablet. At 6x2x1.6 inches, it’s smaller than half the size of a hardback book and weighs even less. I never felt that the bag was heavier while carrying it around and it easily fit on the table I sat down at while eating lunch that day without worrying about knocking over my drink.

One lesson learned for you though. Keep it in the carrying bag that comes in the box if you have it in a big bag or backpack. I dropped in something on top of it and scratched up the right side.

I guess it comes down to this: If you’re one of those people who adjust every level you can to fit every song you play, the Photive PH-BT1000 isn’t for you. That’s fine, but if you’re looking for a very good, portable speaker for a very tiny apartment that doesn’t sound like you bought it at a sidewalk kiosk, then this is probably the one you need to buy today.

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